Tatiana Lokis DHom Homeopath

Restoring vitality and gaining self-empowerment with homeopathy.

how can a homeopathic consultation help? 

  • Treating the body and mind as one whole

    Creating integrity in what can be experienced as separate symptoms. Acting holistically to restore health in the body and the mind in their unity. 

  • Gentle and powerful

    Using natural preparations to stimulate vitality and to restore inner balance. This process helps to build resilience to withstand stress and embrace changes while living to one's full potential.

  • Bringing self-empowerment to the forefront

    Gaining greater understanding, while expanding mental-emotional capacity to experience a satisfying and meaningful life.

    Changing harmful patterns into sustainable habits.

reasons to consult

  • Chronic conditions

    If you live with a history of physical symptoms that bring discomfort in daily life. 

    ​Homeopathy has been used successfully for : 

    - menstrual problems, pre-menopausal and menopausal problems

    - digestive problems, acid reflux 

    - allergies

    - eating disorders 

    - skin problems (psoriasis, eczema) 

    - chronic bronchitis

    - problems with prostate

  • Mental health 

    If you experience mental and emotional difficulties that diminish your capacity to be present and functional in situations and relationships that you find important.

    If you feel blocked or stuck in harmful thoughts and patterns.

    - chronic stress;

    - depressive and anxious states;

    - post-burn-out;

    - patterns of harmful behavior;

    - addictive behaviors;

    - dealing with consequences of sexual abuse;

    - irritability, compulsive anger;

  • Major life changes

    If you live through major changes that require greater than usual capacity to adapt to new circumstances but you feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed in dealing with them.

    These can include: 

    - loss and grief;

    - separation, divorce; 

    - becoming a caregiver; 

    - pregnancy and childbirth; 

    - moving to a new city or country;

    - changing jobs; 

Homeopathy offers an individualized, non-directive approach that allows to respect your needs at each stage of the healing journey and personal evolution,​ offering practical solutions to long-standing problems.  


About the therapist

Tatiana Lokis DHom Homeopath

Tatiana offers holistic therapy care that takes the whole of a person into account - using the gentle medicine of homeopathy and naturopathy.


Aware of the many emotional upheavals experienced in a lifetime, Tatiana strives to empower each person, guiding them in the management of their mental health and well-being. Becoming aware of and accepting inner changes at different stages of life, cultivating mental-emotional agility and apprehending resilience in order to anchor your life in a perfect inner-outer balance.


Nourished by strong values ​​and respect for the experience, rhythm and needs of each person, Tatiana offers personalized support to anyone in search of meaning, balance and harmony in a world of constant change.

Tatiana obtained diploma in homeopathy and naturopathy from Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. 


Member of Syndicat professionnel des homéopathes du Québec. 

Member of Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec. 

To book an appointment


A minimum of 2 sessions (duration of 1h30min each) is necessary to begin a homeopathic treatment. Further follow-ups will depend on the course of treatment.


Introduction package is 240$*, which includes the first two sessions and a follow up (4h total).

Further sessions are 90$* per session of 1h15min. 

*taxes are included

Receipts are available with Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec (ANPQ) and with Syndicat des Homéopathes Professionnels du Québec (SPHQ). 

In person and on line

Sessions are geared towards your needs and your schedule.


Tatiana carried out a homeopathic follow-up with me over a period of one year during her training. The help I received was of high quality. Tatiana shows exceptional listening and precision. I was perfectly guided to find the homeopathic remedy that suited my difficulty and it was resolved. The big plus of Tatiana is that she opens the door to a global restructuring of being, thanks to her approach and her tools. I warmly recommend this extraordinary therapist who has done me so much good.

Vicky Choclazeur

I want to thank Tatiana for the work we did. I was not comfortable living with unconscious fears. Tatiana managed to help me open up and express my feelings. Having expressed what was impeding me, the problem went away. I was also not comfortable with my exaggerated emotionality. After working with Tatiana, I began to control my emotions and my general health improved. Tatiana helped me to establish harmony in my experience of life.

L. V.

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