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Tatiana Lokis DHom
Professional Homeopath - Certified Holistic Practitioner

Restoring vitality and gaining self-empowerment
with classical homeopathy 

Classical homeopathy is a therapeutic modality that addresses health and well-being from a perspective of wholeness. You will be invited to empower yourself with the understanding of how various aspects of your inner and outer world come together and influence the unfolding of your life.

About the therapist

Tatiana offers holistic therapy care that takes the whole of a person into account. 


Aware of the many upheavals experienced in a lifetime, Tatiana strives to empower each person in their taking hold of their well-being. Becoming aware of harmful patters and acting upon them with homeopathy and awareness practices, cultivating mental-emotional agility and apprehending resilience are key objectives of the therapeutic process.


Tatiana Lokis, DHom, Homeopath

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Image by Linus Nylund


I want to thank Tatiana for the work we did. I was not comfortable living with unconscious fears. Tatiana managed to help me open up and express my feelings. Having expressed what was impeding me, the problem went away. I was also not comfortable with my exaggerated emotionality. After working with Tatiana, I began to control my emotions and my general health improved. Tatiana helped me to establish harmony in my experience of life.

—  L.V.




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