Tatiana Lokis DHom Homeopath

Restoring vitality and gaining self-empowerment with homeopathy.

How can homeopathy help? 

Homeopathy is a gentle therapeutic approach that offers practical solutions to the challenges of life, health, personal growth and evolution.

About the therapist

Tatiana offers holistic therapy care that takes the whole of a person into account. 


Aware of the many upheavals experienced in a lifetime, Tatiana strives to empower each person, guiding them in the taking hold of their well-being. 


Tatiana Lokis, DHom, Homeopath

Photo by Coline Bachelier


Tatiana carried out a homeopathic follow-up with me over a period of one year during her training. The help I received was of high quality. Tatiana shows exceptional listening and precision. I was perfectly guided to find the homeopathic remedy that suited my difficulty and it was resolved. The big plus of Tatiana is that she opens the door to a global restructuring of being, thanks to her approach and her tools. I warmly recommend this extraordinary therapist who has done me so much good.

—  Vicky Choclazeur