What is included into the Family Intake Package:

- 2 intake sessions for a parent (up to 3h in total)

- 1 intake session for a child (up to 1h15min)

For the parent: during intake sessions, we will go through physical sensations and mental-emotional perceptions, past and present. The main objective is to make connections between seemingly unrelated symptoms following a common thread running through all dimensions, leading to an individualized and successful homeopathic prescription. 

For the child: during the session, we will go through child's symptoms, their history and disposition. The session will take place in the presence of the parent(s). 

- homeopathic prescription

Homeopathy is a gentle natural medicine that uses substances from all kingdoms (plants, minerals, animals). It acts on the overall vitality aiding to overcome current challenges. After the intake sessions, you and the child will be prescribed core homeopathic remedies. 

- 1 follow up session for the child (up to 45min)

- 1 follow up session for the parent (up to 45min)

We will evaluate the effects of the treatment and determine a course of action according to the outcomes. 

- Short check-ins by email or by phone

You will be supported through the entire process between the intake sessions and the follow up. 


What is not included: 

- homeopathic remedies and mailing (between 20 and 50$ per prescription per person)

Optimal time commitment is of at least 3 months.