Cornmeal zucchini fritters

A wonderful way of adding colors and an enveloping creamy texture to a breakfast or any other meal! Creamy, crunchy, savoury and more... this simple and healthful dish is satisfying and comforting.  

For 8 fritters (2 servings) 




1 medium zucchini (or 2 small ones)

2 medium carrot2 (or 3-4 small ones)

a small onion

1 cup of corn meal

1/4 cup all purpose flour 

2 tbsp of spice mix: cumin, mustard seeds, black pepper, fennel, coriander

1/2 tsp of turmeric

salt to taste


Chop the vegetables in a food processor (zucchini, carrots and onion). You want them finely shopped. Mix in the corn meal, the flour, the spices and the salt. I like mixing everything with my hands to have a tactile connection with the food I am making. If you prefer a spoon, it's okay too. Add a little bit of water (about 1/4 cup) to make it more sticky. Add as much water as you need to have them form into patties with your hands without crumbling. 

Preheat a pan. Add oil for frying. Keep the temperature on low medium. When it is heated, add a few patties on the pan, squish them a little with a spatula and let them fry for about 5min. Cover the pan. Then flip to the other side and fry for 5 more minutes. Also covered. 

Serve as a side dish or as a main dish. It should be creamy inside and crunchy outside. Enjoy and savor! 

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