How many remedies will I need? 

That is very individual. The approach I practice is that of classical homeopathy, otherwise called "unicist", or 'single-dose' prescription. That means that only one remedy in a single dose is offered at a time, since what we want to do is to act upon the global disturbance, and not the individual symptoms. Then we wait for 4-6 weeks to see its effect.

Sometimes the same remedy can be repeated a few times. Other times, remedies may change as we move along and new challenges arise. 

How can I monitor my progress? 

With each remedy we send information to the whole field of the vital force that acts on the body and the mind. Depending on each case, some changes may be observed first in the body, while those on the level of perceptions may be observed later, or the other way around. So it is important to pay attention on all levels and to set a baseline at the beginning of the process, against which you can measure your changes and take notes as you progress. You will be offered tools for this, if you wish to use them. Intake form is one of them. Or you can use your own ways of keeping track.


The average time it takes for one dose to have its observable effect is 4-6 weeks. Time goes by fast, and life takes us into its busy stream, so it's easy to lose track of things. Some changes are obvious, but others may be subtle. It sometimes happens that clients return and when they are reminded of the problem that brought them here in the first place, they exclaim: 'Did I really have that? It hasn't come up for me lately!'. Of course, these are wonderful results. But we also want to be able to recognize what it is that was addressed exactly, so we know where we are coming from and how our inner world unfolds. The more we pay attention to changes, the better we are equipped to pick up quickly on anything that feels out of sync in the future. Follow up sessions serve this purpose. 


It is advisable to book sessions more regularly in the beginning of the process (for example, every 2-3 months for the first year). This offers an opportunity to integrate the process of self-inquiry and to allow your body-mind to adjust in a holistic way. Just as chronic sickness sets in over time, so restoring health also takes time. This is true for any method or therapy you choose to follow. Give it and yourself time to fully experience what it has to offer.  

Will I need to stop taking my current medication? 

No, please continue taking them as prescribed by your doctor. Homeopathy offers complimentary support to traditional therapies. The two work together to help the body and the mind regain their well-being.  

Naturopathic advice is also part of the integrative approach I offer. 

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