Fennel and carrot noodle soup - inspired by Thai coconut curry soup and adapted to a local variety of vegetables

This soup was created when I was inspired by a combination of fennel and caraway (just like this pie). It seemed to me that the sweetness of fennel would go perfectly well with coconut milk and will be accentuated by caraway, that is used a lot in Eastern European cuisine. So here, the Asian and Eastern European mix with the abundance of the Quebecois soil. The result was beyond my expectations! 

Serves: 2 portions


1 large fennel head (without stems and leaves) 

1 large onion 

2 medium carrots 

1 tbsp caraway seeds 

1/2 cup coconut milk or 1/4 cup coconut cream (I usually use coconut cream)

3 tbsp olive oil 

Optional: 1 tbsp thai red curry paste and 1 tsp curry powder

salt to taste

200gr noodles of your choice (I used quinoa noodles). Can be soba or rice noodles. 


Preheat a pot and add olive oil. Cut onion into large pieces and toss them on the pan - this soup is going to be chunky. Add caraway seeds. If you have a mortar, crush them slightly to release the flavors before adding to the oil. Let them simmer in oil with onions for 1-2 min. Then cut fennel and carrots into large pieces and add them to the onions. Add salt to taste. Here the important step is to let the vegetables and the caraway sizzle for 4-5 min as it gives a deeper flavor to the soup. Then add water to cover the vegetable, add coconut cream or milk, the curry paste and powder and let it simmer for another 10min. 

Separately cook the noodles and add them at the very end when the soup is ready. Serve with a sprinkle of parsley and scallions


Adjust spiciness to your preference. 

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