The meaning of 'holistic' is as follows:

'characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole'.

When we get out of balance, every part of our being is affected and that affects our outside world as well.


Homeopathy, naturopathy and principles of mindfulness create a framework through which we can attend to every part of our being: the body, the mind, our emotional and spiritual outlook. Step by step, through deep inquiry, we will explore one layer after the other and follow the common thread that affects our whole being. We'll then work with it using the subtle but powerful signal that homeopathic preparations send to the vital force. To make this work truly holistic, we will also apply principles for health-supporting lifestyle that include eating habits, mental-emotional habits, cultivation of awareness and other tools and techniques. 

Therapeutic inquiry

After a careful and thorough exploration, taking into account all the symptoms, we come to see a global pattern of the disturbance. The language we use during the session serves us as a bridge between different levels. As we go deeper into the inquiry, the language becomes more and more individual, different from how we think of ourselves in daily situations. We begin to speak of inner sensations we never knew we had. But for the holistic practitioner that thread is to be followed with utmost attention as the unique entrance point into your inner world, into your pattern of vibration. This pattern is like something else that exists in nature, so we can match the two together, as we do in homeopathy. That is the meaning of the underlying principle of homeopathy: 'like cures like'. 

Working with the mind


To live an authentic and meaningful life means to find inner freedom and strength to follow our path that brings us fulfilment and is of benefit to all. But in order to do that we need to calm the mind and free ourselves from its constant chatter that creates internal stress. Through time-tested mindfulness techniques like yoga we can learn to do that. Instead of constantly being sidetracked by our compulsions, we learn to bring together the various aspects of ourselves and to utilize the vitality we have for the purposes we deem worthy and important. These techniques help us develop a more balanced state in which we are better equipped to discern what serves us and what doesn't to achieve our life goals. In my approach, I draw on some of these techniques and present them in a form that is accessible to all, even if you never practiced yoga before.


In our work together, the focus will be on freeing the inner energy from perceived stress and on rewiring the brain connections with new habits which can help: 

- loosen our rigid reactions 

- free us from identifications with our fixed thoughts and ideas

- restore our discerning capacity 

- diminish our emotional reactivity.

This way, our vitality can be utilized for a meaningful life, moving towards our goals and aspirations. 

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