Introductory Package.
3 Months and 5 Months Individual Programs.

What is included into the Introductory Package:

- 2 initial sessions (total of 3 h; online or in person)

During initial sessions, we will go through your personal history of physical symptoms and challenging behaviors and experiences. The objective is to make connections between what is seemingly unrelated.  We will follow a common thread running through all dimensions, leading to an individualized homeopathic prescription.

- homeopathic prescription

Homeopathy is a gentle natural medicine that uses substances from all kingdoms of nature. It affects the vital force and initiates a transformation that allows to overcome the harmful patterns experienced on mental-emotional level, as well as physical symptoms. After the initial sessions, you will be prescribed a core homeopathic remedy (with additional protocols if necessary) and offered suggestions for the optimal lifestyle and self-inquiry to support the change. 

- 1 follow up (1h; online or in person)

We will evaluate the effects of the treatment and determine a course of action according to your needs. 

- Short weekly or bi-weekly check-ins by email, Zoom or by phone

You will be supported through the entire process between the initial sessions and the follow up. 


What is not included: 

- homeopathic remedies and mailing (between 20 and 50$ per prescription)

Just as getting sick happens over time, health returns over time too. As we begin to work with homeopathy, various unintegrated experiences and past symptoms may come up for integration. Getting healthy is not a straight line. There are times when change is all-encompassing happening in leaps and bounds. And there are times, when there is stagnation and it seems as though nothing is happening. Both have their role in the healing journey. Recognizing what is what is key in continuing the inner work that supports the change towards greater well-being and personal growth. Getting regular support helps to make sense of what is going on and find practical ways to sustain change over a long period of time. 

3-months and 5-months programs are designed to empower you through a rigorous practice of self-inquiry that will help you navigate your inner changes and develop sustainable habits. 



What is included into 3-months and 5-months program:

- monthly sessions of duration up to 1h15min (online or in person)

We will continue working with what arises on the level of physical body and mental-emotional impressions, integrating them with self-reflection prompts and practical application of lifestyle suggestions. 

- homeopathic prescriptions as needed to work with arising changes

- short weekly or bi-weekly check-ins by email, Zoom or by phone to support the process between the sessions

What is not included: 

- homeopathic remedies and mailing (between 20 and 50$ per prescription)