+ Reasons to consult

What creates unease and discomfort is an entrance point into a greater understanding of body-mind relationship and its healing capacities. Be it chronic pain in the body, or a mental-emotional instability, or a combination of both; we will pursue each direction in a way that is unique and meaningful to you. 


Mental and emotional difficulties

If you experience mental and emotional difficulties that injure your sense of self and create confusion. 

If you experience a diminished capacity to be present and functional in situations and relationships that you find important.

If you feel blocked or stuck in harmful thoughts and patterns.

These can include:

- chronic stress;

- depressive and anxious states;

- post-burn-out;

- patterns of harmful behavior;

- addictive behaviors;

- sexual abuse and its consequences;

- mood swings, instability, irritability, compulsive anger;


If you live with a history of physical symptoms that bring discomfort in daily life. If you are looking for ways to support your vitality. If you want to transform your relationship with your condition and yourself to build more resilience.

Conditions where relief was experienced in the framework of my practice: 

- chronic bronchitis; 

- menstrual problems, pre-menopausal and menopausal problems; 

- digestive problems, acid reflux; 

- allergies; 

- eating disorders; 

- skin problems (psoriasis, eczema); 


Major life changes 

If you live through major changes that require greater than usual capacity to adapt to new circumstances but you feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed in dealing with them.

These can include: 

- loss and grief;

- separation, divorce; 

- becoming a caregiver; 

- pregnancy and childbirth; 

- moving to a new city or country;

- changing jobs; 


Complimentary support for existing treatment

Homeopathic preparations and protocols can be used to support the existing treatment and to stimulate the overall vitality of the body, while therapeutic process itself can help to attend to the mental and emotional load of the treatment and the presence of the disease.

+ What happens in a session?

                        Holistic perspective


When we get out of balance, every part of our being is affected. Step by step, through deep inquiry, we will explore one layer after the other and follow the common thread that affects your whole being. The goal is to encourage an insight into seemingly unrelated experiences and sensations and to use that as a doorway towards a successful prescription.  


The language we use during the session serves us as a bridge between different levels. As we go deeper into the inquiry, the language becomes more and more individual, different from how we think of ourselves in daily situations. We begin to speak of inner sensations we never knew we had. But for the holistic practitioner that thread is to be followed with utmost attention as the unique entrance point into your inner world, into your individual pattern. This pattern is like something else that exists in nature, so we can match the two together, as we do in homeopathy. That is the meaning of the underlying principle of homeopathy: 'like cures like'. 

On the one hand, meaningful connections are made between mental, emotional, and physical experiences as they relate to your life. Many clients report positive effects coming from this therapeutic part of the process alone. However, homeopathic prescribing takes this process further, for it addresses the disturbance and stimulates vitality to support the change towards greater well-being where these aspects can be positively affected as one whole. The signals that we send to the organism with subtle preparations act on the disturbance of the vital force and help: 

- stimulate vitality to change the course of action in chronic ailments

- free us from identifications with our fixed thoughts and ideas

- diminish emotional reactivity.

Together, the therapeutic process of inquiry and the application of homeopathy and naturopathy work synergistically in the health restoring process. 

Our work always remains confidential. 

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