What homeopathy can be used for

Building vitality in chronic conditions

If you live with a history of physical symptoms that bring discomfort in daily life. ​​


Homeopathy has been used successfully for : 

- menstrual problems, pre-menopausal and menopausal problems

- digestive problems, acid reflux 

- allergies

- eating disorders 

- skin problems (psoriasis, eczema) 

- chronic bronchitis

- problems with prostate and urinary tract

Creating balance in mental-emotional health

If you experience mental and emotional difficulties that diminish your capacity to enjoy your life and to act to the fullest of your potential.


Homeopathy has been known to be helpful for:​

- chronic stress;

- depressive and anxious states;

- grief;

- post-partum depression;

- addictive behaviors;

- irritability, compulsive anger;

- hypersensitivity;​

- consequences of sexual abuse;

- discomfort with unstable emotions; 

- learning difficulties; 



As a truly holistic approach, homeopathic inquiry touches on all aspects of oneself: body, mind, and spirit. Whatever the reason for a consultation, you will be invited to examine every aspect of your life and empower yourself with the understanding of how various aspects of your inner and outer world come together as one whole and influence the unfolding of your life. Homeopathic enquiry and treatment coupled with self-awareness practices constitute powerful tools for greater wellbeing and personal growth magnified in their synergy. As part of the process, we will undertake a path of questioning and introspection to make connections between states, symptoms and events that previously seemed unrelated. This is an integral part of healing in itself. During our work together, you will be invited to seriously consider what is important for you so that you can let go of everything that is in the way of it and orient yourself towards a desired change

Holistic paradigm

If we closely observe the body-mind in its functioning, we cannot create a separation between the two. Health is expressed in harmony of all the functions and capacities of the body-mind that arises as a result a neuro-hormonal balance. When the neuro-hormonal balance is optimal, health is expressed on all levels. In the same order, when the balance is disturbed, it also affects all levels of the body-mind.


During homeopathic inquiry we focus on understanding how disturbance of the neuro-hormonal balance is expressed on different levels of the body and the mind resulting in stagnation, stress and physical ailments. Homeopathy is natural medicine that uses substances from all kingdoms (plants, animals and minerals) and has the capacity to act on human biology. It is based on the following phenomenon: when a substance is diluted and dynamized by succussion (i.e. brisk tapping of the vial against a rubbery surface), it allows the particles of water to capture the subtle information in the form of nanoparticles of the substance that remains biologically active and acts on a person in a comprehensive way. When a diluted and dynamized substance is studied, it reveals a clear pattern of symptoms on physiological and mental-emotional levels. When it matches the pattern of unease that a person experiences, it acts globally and gradually restores the neuro-hormonal balance bringing about an all-encompassing sense of wellbeing where all functions and capacities are affected as a coherent whole.


If you wish to know more about the latest research on the phenomenon of homeopathy, please visit Homeopathy Research Institute and Water Research Laboratory that have been doing groundbreaking work in this area under the lead of Dr. Alexander Tournier.