Food for the soul, food for health. 

My inspiration comes from the abundance of local farms,

from their endless variety of possibilities,

from their strength and their dedication.

These are the qualities I value in my proposition of holistic health, including food and relationship to cooking. 

You can follow me on my Facebook page Alchimie dans ma cuisine where I share my vision of the discovery of our deep nature through simple, alchemical and intuitive cooking. 

Here I offer recipes that support this vision.

In collaboration with the local farm Terre Fruitière

Fresh Bean Veggie Burger

A perfect healthy addition to any BBQ party. 

Vegetarian pilaf - Indian inspiration

The spices mixed with simple wholesome ingredients come out in a well balanced and satisfying dish, rich in flavor and in color.  

Zucchini cornmeal fritters

Adding color and creamy texture to a deeply satisfying meal. Perfect as a dish or as a snack.  

Fennel and carrot soup - Thai inspiration

An unusual take on a Thai coconut soup with local varieties of vegetables.  

Extraordinary Tabouleh

With a real twist of lemon, an irresistible summer dish.  

Eggplant salad, traditional Romanian entree

This eggplant dish is inspired by Romanian cuisine, where it is traditionally eaten as an entrée. It has a fine texture and a light flavor which is a new spin on cooking with eggplants.  

Kamut pie with fennel and caraway

A mix of flavors from ancestral grains of Kamut and caraway from Eastern Europe creates a rich experience for the taste buds and the soul.  

Carrot cake with spices and without refined sugar

In this recipe, the sweetness of carrots is accentuated with maple syrup and the flavors are highlighted with spices and ginger.  

Flavourful spice mix - digestive aid

Two easy ways to add flavor to your cooking, and boost their digestive power. Great for lentils, beans, dahls, and cooked grains.  

Carrot Veggie Lox

Two ways of making it: for a quick savory dish or for a more gourmet endeavor. Savor every moment! 

Broccoli soup with summer turnip leaves and basil

You've got some leaves from your vegetables? Don't throw them away, they are perfect to be used in a bowl of comforting soup.  

Versatile cucumbers - 2 simple recipes

Have you ever thought that cucumbers are delicious cooked? Try these two simple recipes and discover that for yourself.  

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