What homeopathy can be used for

Building vitality to overcome chronic conditions

Creating balance in mental health

Support during major life changes

If you live with a history of physical symptoms that bring discomfort in daily life. ​​


Homeopathy has been used successfully for : 

- menstrual problems, pre-menopausal and menopausal problems

- digestive problems, acid reflux 

- allergies

- eating disorders 

- skin problems (psoriasis, eczema) 

- chronic bronchitis

- problems with prostate and urinary tract

If you experience mental and emotional difficulties that diminish your capacity to enjoy your life, you activities and your relationships.


Homeopathy has been known to be helpful for:​

- chronic stress;

- depressive and anxious states (prolonged sadness, grief, fear);

- addictive behaviors;

- irritability, compulsive anger;

- hypersensitivity;​

- consequences of sexual abuse;

- discomfort with unstable emotions; 

- learning difficulties; 

If you live through major changes that require greater than usual capacity to adapt to new circumstances but you feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed in dealing with them.

These can include: 

- loss and grief;

- separation, divorce; 

- becoming a caregiver; 

- pregnancy and childbirth; 

- moving to a new city or country;

- changing jobs; 

Holistic paradigm

Asking the right question holds a key in the search of an answer. What is the nature of disease? If we closely observe the body-mind in its functioning, we cannot create a separation between the two. What binds all the functions and capacities together into a harmonious living whole is vital force. Health is expressed by the harmony of all levels nourished by the vital force. By the same order, the process of illness also affects all levels of the body-mind. In other words, both harmony and illness affect the whole. This observation led to the discovery of homeopathy which recognizes that in order to act on a disease, one has to access a subtle level where disease operates.

But how do you get to this subtle level? In homeopathic methodology, water is a crucial element capable of capturing information from a substance which has a way of acting on our biology on a subtle level. According to the research, this has important implications for our understanding of how homeopathic preparations can be biologically active. Homeopathy has proved efficient once and again for over 200 years. It offers practical solutions to long-term problems, responding holistically to the health challenges of the modern world.